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Oct 03, 2011

3 Tips to Write Your Own Job Description

More Insight into Staying in Career Shape

Write Your Own Job DescriptionAre you employed full time? Are you a business owner? Are you a job seeker in transition? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then 3 Tips to Write Your Own Job Description was written for you.

I’m a big believer that unless your retirement party is this week, you should be actively working on your career. My passion is to provide insights that can inspire you to continually stay in career shape through personal branding and online strategies.

Consider the impact of a strong personal brand on your career. You can literally write your job description, no matter your situation or your goals. Follow these three guidelines and you’ll never miss out on your career aspirations.

Be a Content Publisher

Have you written your first book yet? Do you have a blog? Do you interview people in your industry on video? Do you have a podcast show? These are a few examples of ways you can produce relevant content. I don’t suggest you produce all of these types of content. That would be a bit of a stretch, but go for it if you can. When you consistently produce relevant, compelling content on meaningful topics in your industry and share them through social media, you WILL build your personal brand.

Be a Matchmaker

The pre-requisite to being a matchmaker is to be a networker. If you are actively building your social network, you will meet people who can benefit from your introductions to others in your network. Often, you can refer business or employment opportunities to people in your network. When you are paying it forward through matchmaking, you are building your personal brand. Don’t seek anything in return. It always comes back to you anyway. But, you can only become a matchmaker by building your network, which you can do offline and through social networking. LinkedIn should be at the top of your social networking list to build your social network.

Be a Content Curator

Another form of paying it forward is curating relevant industry content that people in your network appreciate. When you become a reliable source of relevant content to your network, you strengthen your personal brand. You also earn the right to share your content without getting a reputation for promoting your content. Your network gets “trained” to expect relevant content from you, some of which is yours and some is from other sources. Be fascinating in delivering quality content. The bottom line is you develop a reputation for reliable content on a given topic.

These three tips will create a personal brand for you that will allow you to write your own job description. Even if you’re not actively looking for a job in the literal sense, the benefits of your personal brand will allow you to achieve your short term and long term career goals. Doors will open for you. Your career will continue to evolve. ..and that’s what I mean by staying in career shape.



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