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Jan 05, 2012

A Transparent Personal Brand Gets Best Results


y and Authenticity Rule in Personal Branding

How transparent should your personal brand be in social media? It’s well known that authenticity in social media is the approach that works best. Whether you’re an individual building your personal brand or you’re a corporate brand, authenticity rules.

But, how much should you share?

When it comes to sharing who you are online, I’ve seen two extremes in personal brands. At one end of the spectrum, some people create a professional personal brand that lacks a human touch. They paint a clear picture of their professional experience, but they don’t show who they are as a human. Typically, their LinkedIn profile is minimally complete with just an online resume. Reviewing their profile reveals nothing about this person beyond their work experience.

At the other extreme is the person who has multiple social media profiles and is active in each one painting a clear picture of many aspects of their life. Since each social network offers a different opportunity to communicate, engage, network and develop your personal brand this approach allows people to see your human side.

There is no right or wrong in this equation. It depends on your goals. Whichever approach you take in building your personal brand, the important thing is that you are 100% authentic.  I'm an advocate of developing both your professional and social credibility. Don’t be afraid to let people see who you are. Remember that clients and employers want to know who they are going to hire. If your online personal brand communicates who you are more effectively than your competition, you just may differentiate yourself from a competitor.

The fact is your online personal brand can open or close doors for you. Your transparency and authenticity can be among your greatest assets.

In the following video, I reveal my 3 words to guide me in 2012. I hope it offers an authentic and transparent view into my goals for 2012.



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