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Jan 28, 2011

How Tools, Technology and Culture Enable Personal Branding

You are living at an amazing time in history. Are you aware of that? If you’re old enough to remember life without email, cell phones or even a personal computer, you know what I’m talking about. The technology available to us is simply amazing!

I want you to appreciate how you can harness technology to build your personal brand and advance your career. But, I will further segment this thought into two very important aspects for clarity and appreciation of the opportunities.

Technology Alone is Meaningless

Technology is only useful when it is usable. Bits and bytes are only usable when they are made available in human friendly and productive ways. The personal computer has evolved to the desktop, laptop and more recently a tablet and smart phone mobile device. The software that allows us to use these devices is an enabler. Social networking platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are software tools, enabled by technology advancements.

We don’t use technology we use tools. Think about how you build something. Technology advancements produce the tools we use to build things like cars, buildings and spaceships.

Tools are Meaningless Without Culture

Now, consider the availability of tools to build your personal brand. You have free access to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and other social media tools. You have affordable access to smart mobile devices, digital cameras and high definition video recorders. What makes these tools so powerful is a culture in which millions of people use them to connect, engage, interact and be social with each other.

Do you see the significance of that?

We live in a global culture where being social online allows anyone, anywhere to build an online reputation and gain benefit from it.

I’ll say this in another way. Your online presence has the potential to define who you are and create new opportunities including employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Now, I’ll say it yet another way. Your lack of online presence or your lack of online reputation can make you invisible in a digital world. The digital world we live in is both culturally digital and culturally social.

Don’t think for one moment that your age or location is a factor in how you can leverage these tools to build your online reputation. It’s a known fact that people connect with people around the world based on common interests regardless of age, race, or geo location.

Have you embraced the culture of the digital society to build your online reputation?

In my Social Networking for Job Seekers seminar I discuss how you can do this in detail. Join me at a seminar near you or download the video.

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