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Apr 22, 2011

Expand Your LinkedIn Network

In this ProStuff piece you’ll learn 3 strategies to expand your network so you can take your professional networking to another level for accelerated results. Read More...

Apr 08, 2011

How Career Seekers Inspired Career Central

In 2010 I had a big light bulb click that has inspired me in 2011! As I consult with businesses on how to build their brand through online marketing strategies, it occurred to me that those same strategies can be used by individuals to improve their career! Read More...

Feb 25, 2011

Business Builder Series Training Workshop – Clearwater Chamber

The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce is offering this exciting educational series to help business professionals and executives understand new media marketing and more effective sales processes that produce more revenue opportunities. Read More...

Feb 24, 2011

Three Questions Career Seekers Must Ask Themselves

Each time I conduct a Social Networking for Job Seekers seminar I get a deeper understanding of what it’s like for career seekers in the business world. It’s always a humbling experience. I meet career seekers in different phases of their journey and in their career development. Some are unemployed, some are small business owners and some are sales professionals. Read More...

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Dec 26, 2010

3 Words To Guide Your 2011

In college I was taught that “communication is the most complex thing we do in our lives.” I believe this is an understatement! If you leverage the tools available to you and you focus on building your personal brand, you must communicate effectively to enjoy any level of success. Read More...