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Jan 05, 2012

A Transparent Personal Brand Gets Best Results

The fact is your online personal brand can open or close doors for you. Your transparency and authenticity can be among your greatest assets. Read More...

Mar 27, 2011

The Serendipity of Personal Branding

I am often asked by people who attend my seminars or otherwise engage with me online “does online personal branding really work?” Of course, I could point to nearly countless examples of people who are actively building a personal brand with many results they can credit to their efforts. Here is a story that involves three people who actively work at building their personal brand. This story is very much still a work-in-progress (a journey). Read More...

Feb 25, 2011

Business Builder Series Training Workshop – Clearwater Chamber

The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce is offering this exciting educational series to help business professionals and executives understand new media marketing and more effective sales processes that produce more revenue opportunities. Read More...

Feb 18, 2011

3 Reasons to Use Quora for Personal Branding

Quora is a tool for individuals. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, each one having its own version of a company page, in Quora you create your individual profile and engage as you. You have a content rich, networking rich, engagement rich online social environment to connect with people that can open doors for you. Read More...

Dec 31, 2010

3 Words That Will Guide Me in 2011

There are only so many hours in a day. Those hours add up to a week, to a month, and eventually to a year. I am focused this year on spending my time on bigger efforts. When I spend a lot of time on many small projects, the results are small. So, in 2011 I’m focused on bigger projects. I hope you’ll follow my journey to learn about them as I pursue bigger goals. Read More...