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Dec 28, 2010

Changing Channels: Making the Switch to New Media Marketing

Social Media Sites and Other New Media Tools Are Here To Stay Don’t get left behind! Whether it’s all “geek” to you or you’re already blogging and tweeting, there’s something for everyone! Join Bernie Borges in Part Four of this exciting new media marketing workshop series that focuses on helping businesses and entrepreneurs make the [...]

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Dec 26, 2010

3 Words To Guide Your 2011

In college I was taught that “communication is the most complex thing we do in our lives.” I believe this is an understatement! If you leverage the tools available to you and you focus on building your personal brand, you must communicate effectively to enjoy any level of success. Read More...

Dec 16, 2010

Social Networking for Job Seekers Seminar

Join Us February 23 for Social Networking for Job Seekers FREE Seminar Finding a job has never been more competitive. It’s no secret we’re living in a time of economic uncertainty. Though we’ve begun to see some evidence of the economy “turning the corner,” the fact is there are still millions of talented people out [...]

Oct 28, 2010

Job Seekers Should Add Social Networking Into Job Search Portfolio

I met Charles Caro at one of my speaking engagements in 2009. Charles approached me to tell me about an organization called Real Estate Lives (REL) in which he was active. REL exists as a volunteer organization to help unemployed people in the Tampa Bay area regain employment. I quickly learned that Charles is an [...]

Oct 22, 2010

My eMail Is Flooded! So Why Is eMail Marketing so popular?

Like so many of us in the business world, I cringed when I look at my eMail because my box is constantly flooded and the influx continues to grow. With that thought in mind, I posed the question to Chris on why eMail marketing continues to be so popular with marketers. Click on “read the full post” to hear why Christopher S. Penn says email is the backbone of social media. Read More...