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Sep 23, 2011

4 Social Networking Tips To Improve Your Career

Let’s face it, social networking is time consuming. If 75% of triathletes around the world are amateur, how do they find the time to train? It’s a mindset thing. Simply stated, they just do it because it’s important enough to them. Social networking in your career is important. You either have that mindset or you don’t. Read More...

Jun 20, 2011

3 Ways to Measure Your Online Social Influence

I probably don’t need to convince you that you need to be professionally competent. I hope I don’t need to convince you that you need to be socially competent. The third attribute is having social influence. In this context “social” has an expanded definition. It’s not limited to your social interaction as in your non-business interaction. Rather it refers to your influence of others in social media, which spans both personal and business usage. Read More...

Jan 17, 2011

Online Strategies With The Mindset of a Triathlete

A triathlete is a real person. It’s also a metaphor for a job seeker who recognizes that it takes a level of focus, discipline, intensity and commitment that is beyond what it appears. It takes incredible endurance and commitment. All the attributes of a triathlete are directly applicable to a job search (or whatever your business challenge). Read More...

Jan 16, 2011

How Do You Handle Unexpected Curveballs?

Maybe you’ve had some setbacks recently? How do you handle them? I urge you to turn to your faith, your friends, your family and your network to guide you in wisdom, encouragement and comradery. Whether your setback is big or small, make the alternate plans you need to make to get done what you can get done. Don’t try to do more than you can do. Maintain perspective for a healthy dose of reality in how to deal with your setback. Read More...

Dec 16, 2010

Social Networking for Job Seekers Seminar

Join Us February 23 for Social Networking for Job Seekers FREE Seminar Finding a job has never been more competitive. It’s no secret we’re living in a time of economic uncertainty. Though we’ve begun to see some evidence of the economy “turning the corner,” the fact is there are still millions of talented people out [...]